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  towards a new public domain
creative spaces + production spaces + social spaces   

Manifest of the collectives of the makabra
december 5, 2006

nau21 supports la makabra
LA MAKABRA colectivo artístico MANIFIESTA
november 24, 2006

comunicat de premsa
sobre el desallotjament de la makabra

november 21, 2006
Associació de Veïns i Veïnes del Poblenou
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nau21 is a citizen, collaborative and independent grassroot project that conforms a structure of creative nodes (individual or collective) that puts in network to be able to give a service to the creators (in sciences, arts and technologies) of the city, understanding that all civilized citizen is a scientist, an artist and a technologist, because , by nature, we all observe, interpretate and construct, and by culture, we optimize. we wanna do it better.

we converge:
a common past: memory and experience
an ever-flowing present: constant collaboration and adaptability
and a projection into the future: public domain.

we build:
a working space for creation and production
a confluence space for participation and collaboration
and exhibition and communication spaces

latest capsules:

once a week: context,
an emerging culture observatory